Free printable gingerbread house patterns and Christmas craft stencils

Dec. 12 is National Gingerbread House Day. Making holiday gingerbread houses is a favorite family traditions. Not being very artistic, I'd cheat and get the gingerbread house kit. But I've found a better way: free printable gingerbread house patterns, recipes and templates. People approach gingerbread house making in two ways. The first is to painstakingly design a work of art--not to be eaten, let alone touched. Then there's our youngest son's method: slap together a ramshackle gingerbread shed, lather in two inches of frosting, cover every inch in candy and devour immediately. Whichever school you subscribe to, you'll want these free printable gingerbread recipes, templates and patterns. Free printable gingerbread house patterns, Christmas craft stencils

Free printable Catholic Advent calendars for a Christian Bible Christmas

The Catholic Christian season of Advent began November 30, 2014 and goes for four weeks till Christmas. Many families follow Advent calendars. Some contain candy or prizes to countdown to Christmas. The Daily Mail, on November 24, listed even more lavish commercial Advent calendars prizes: nail polish, gifts, toys, jewelry, cosmetics, even beer!

While there's nothing wrong with a little treat, materialism defeats the Advent purpose: to focus on God. Constantly receiving teaches children (and adults) to be even more aquisitory than they already are at Christmas. If they're getting all season long, where's the magic of Christmas morning? Advent is about preparing for the coming of Christ with acts of charity.  Free printable Catholic Advent calendars for a Christian Bible Christmas

Free printable Day of the Dead skeleton crafts

 Dia de los Muertos is the Spanish name for the holiday Day of the Dead. Observed on November 1 and 2, it the Latino version of Catholic All Saints Day and All Souls Day. On Dia de los Muertos, people dress in skull masks and skeleton costumes with colorful flower garlands. Here are free printable Day of the Dead crafts for children and adults. Use these for classroom and homeschool lesson plans.Free printable Day of the Dead skeleton crafts

Day of the Dead Lesson Plans and Printable Activities to Celebrate Dia de los Muertos - Bubblews

Halloween, or All Hallow's Eve, originated as a pagan celebration preceding the Catholic church's observance of All Saints Day (a holy day honoring canonized saints) on November 1. It is followed by All Souls Day on November 2 which remembers the beloved dead. In Latino cultures, this celebration is called Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Here are Day of the Dead Lesson Plans and Printable Activities to Celebrate Dia de los Muertos

Free Printable File Folder Games for Lesson Plans

 File folder games are popular educational activities. I've found a plethora of free printable file folders games online. Subjects include all school content areas:  math, reading, writing, spelling, ELA, phonics, social studies, science. Print games for all ages and ability levels: preschool, kindergarten, elementary, special needs, middle school. Use for homeschool and Montessori, too. Free Printable File Folder Games

Free Printable Human Body Coloring Pages Anatomy Diagrams to Color and Label

Here are free printable human body coloring pages and anatomy diagrams to label and color. Printable diagrams include respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, skeletal system, muscular system, nervous system, endocrine system and reproductive system. These are the eight major systems of the body. Click for human body printables

Free Printable 4th of July Holiday Craft Activities

Hey Kids! Want free printable 4th of July coloring pages? Hey Parents! Want educational free printable Fourth of July crafts? I've got both right here. Read on to links for flag coloring pages, red white and blue themed crafts, American history activities and gobs more goodies. Free Printable 4th of July Cut and Paste Paper Crafts and Activities

Free Printable Math and Geometry Activities from Sir Cumference Books for Pi Day

 Cindy Neuschwander writes math books for children. Wayne Geehan illustrates these charming, educational stories about Sir Cumference, Lady Di of Ameter and Radius their son who together solve math and geometry puzzles and medieval mysteries. Children learn geometry, measurement, counting, algebra, Pi, formulas and mathematical concepts in clever stories told like medieval fairy tales. Here are free printable geometry lessons from the Sir Cumference stories. Math and Geometry Lessons from 'Sir Cumference' Books by Cindy Neuschwander

Free Printable Magic Tricks and Magician Themed Birthday Party Printables

Do you have an aspiring magician in the house? Perhaps a child who loves playing tricks? Well why not set your jokester to playing good tricks on people--magic tricks, that is. Hocus-pocus up some free printable magic tricks. Say abracadabra, wave your magic wand and presto! Sleight- of-hand how-to demonstrations for your budding illusionist. I've included magic-themed birthday party printables, recipes, crafts to conjure up a wickedly fun celebration! Free Printable Magic Tricks, Magician Themed Birthday Party Printables

Free Printable Father's Day Greeting Cards, Craft Activities

When Father's Day rolls around, it can be hard to know what to get dad. Heck, dad birthdays are hard enough! In my day, the joke was: pipe or tie--what'll it be this year. Kids may find themselves cash-strapped, too. Why not save money with these free printable Father's Day crafts and greeting cards. Print at home. Kids can color and personalize. Dad will love your creativity and thoughtfulness (and frugality!). Don't forget grampas and step-dads! Free Printable Father's Day Greeting Cards and Craft Activities 

Free Memorial Day Crafts, Games and Printables

Memorial Day weekend kicks off Friday and runs through Monday, May 26, 2014. It's also called Remembrance Day, to honor veterans, and Decoration Day, when we remember deceased loved ones by putting flowers on graves. Do you want free printable Memorial Day coloring pages for kids? Maybe take them on vacation to keep kids quiet. Or use as party crafts? Here are patriotic crafts, flag coloring pages, games, puzzles, worksheets, too.   Free Printable Memorial Day Worksheets, Crafts, Games

Free Printable Mother's Day Cards Children Can Color for Mom

Mother's Day is celebrated the second Sunday of May. In 2014, it's May 11. Looking for free printable crafts to make with children for Mother's Day? Children feel proud to make crafts for mom. Here are free printable cards that children can color themselves and give to mom. Why not print a few extra for grandmas, aunts, godmothers, and senior citizen mom-friends?Free Printable Mother's Day Cards to Color 

Free Printable Cinco de Mayo Lesson Plans, Crafts and Games

Whether you're interested in learning the real story of Cinco de Mayo, or you're just here for the tacos and fiesta,  here are links with free printable holiday activities. For the history student, there are worksheets and lesson plans. For the party animal, there are crafts, games, decorations, and greeting cards. Free Printable Cinco de Mayo Lesson Plans on Mexican History 

Printable Math Crafts, Homemade Game, Manipulatives from Recycled Containers

Looking for easy how-to instructions to make math games and manipulatives? Here are tutorials using recycled plastic cylinder-shaped containers. Some have a very nice dispenser type lid are are good for storing game pieces too. These containers are made to hold baby wipes and cleaning wipes. The unlidded kind hold frozen concentrated juice. This Earth Day, make these crafts to use for teaching math in interactive hands-on ways. Make Math Materials from Recycled Plastic Containers

Free Printable Easter Bunny Crafts to Make and Color

Easter is right around the corner. Easter baskets, candy, egg decorating, egg hunts,  bunnies, baby animals, spring--fun for young and young at heart. Here are free printable Easter bunny crafts for kids to make and color . I've included printable activities based on my two favorite bunnies, Peter Rabbit and the Velveteen Rabbit, too. Parents and teachers, you'll want these for preschool classroom fun.  Free Printable Easter Bunny Crafts for Preschool 

Free Printable Easter Crafts, Activities for Children

Whether you celebrate Easter as a religious holiday or just enjoy the eggs, bunnies and candy, it's a special time of year. Coming as it does in spring, Easter is a celebration of new life and nature. For kids, it's a great time to explore science concepts of plant life, insects and baby animals. Here are free printable Easter crafts, coloring pages and activities for classroom, homeschool or just family fun. Click here  Free Printable Easter Crafts

Free Disney Printables from Family Fun New Site Spoonful

Disney used to go through Family Fun for many of its printable crafts. Now that site has migrated to Spoonful. You can find printable crafts for all Disney and Pixar, including "Frozen."

To find the free printable crafts on Spoonful, go to the middle "Create-Art, Crafts & Inspiration" tab and look for "printables." Activities are cross-referenced by kind: paper crafts (greeting cards, cut and paste, 3D, templates and patterns, origami, paper dolls), games and puzzles, coloring pages, planners and calendars, Disney crafts, holiday, kids bedroom and party decorations, keepsakes and scrapbooking plus more.  Free Disney Printables from Family Fun New Site Spoonful 

Free St Patricks Day Lesson Plans and Printable Activities

Top 'o the mornin' and all that Irish blarney to ye! Soon it will be St Paddy's day on March 17. The story of Patrick really has naught to do with green beer and leprechauns. Patricus was a Roman boy taken as a slave to Ireland. He became a bishop and returned to the Emerald Isle as a missionary.  Free St Patricks Day Lesson Plans and Printables

Free Printable Masks for Children to Color and Make

Children love to play dress up and wear masks. They love to make crafts. I found the best of both worlds--free printable masks for kids to color, cut out and wear. Animals, creatures, monsters, Asian, Tiki, Native American and other world masks. Harlequin designs, too.Print Mardi Gras Masks for Children to Color, Free (Adults, too!)

Free Kids Crafts Printables For St Patricks Day, Easter

I maintain several highly-performing niche blog, the most popular ones involving printable crafts for children. Internet searchers are always seeking freebies and crafts. I find printables all over the web. One of my favorite sites is from Martha Stewart. She's got everything for holidays, parties, event planning. Kids will like the Easter and St Patricks Day crafts. Click here.  Free Crafts and Printables from Martha Stewart

Free (Like No Cost) Valentines to Print, Perfect for Snowbound Kids

 With Valentine's Day right around the corner, how's about printing free valentines? Great for kids bored and stuck at home under mountains of snow! Here are a few links with lots of freebie valentines to print, cut and color and share! Free (Yes Free!) Valentines to Print, Perfect for Snowbound Kids 

Free Fairy Tales Printables, Lessons, Coloring Pages, Mini Books

 I confess to childlike love of tchotchkis (and I love that word). I like Google doodles. Each day, they base the doodle on some event that took place on that day. A person’s birthday, an anniversary, a first, an invention. Sometimes, they’re interactive (you push buttons and make them do things, ergo, play). This article featured the Brothers Grimm anniversary. Here are printable lesson plans, coloring, games about fairy tales. Cute Interactive Google Doodle For Grimms Fairy Tale Anniversary 

Free Disney Frozen Printables

I've written articles on free printable kids crafts since 2007, often linking to the Family Fun website (from Family Fun magazine. Family Fun partners with Disney and provides lots of Disney-themed crafts. Family Fun now has a new website Spoonful. Besides regular Family Fun goodies, Disney crafts can be found there too. There are printable activities for Disney "Frozen" movie, too.  Free Disney Printables from Family Fun New Site Spoonful

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