Free printable Valentines Day coloring page countdown calendar activities, valentine crafts, valentines to share

Countdown calendars are becoming very popular to help children count down the days to special events and holidays. Here are free printable valentine countdown calendars to number the days till Valentine’s Day. These cute cut and paste craft works well for preschool, special needs kids, elementary classrooms, homeschool and Girl Scout troop activities.
Make free printable valentine countdown calendars reusable by laminating or printing and pasting to the inside of a file folder or recycled cardboard. There are a variety of ways to label days till Valentines Day. Here are religious Christian valentine countdown calendars with Bible verses. Print in black and white and let children color them. To print in black and white set your printer "preferences" to "black ink cartridge" or "print in gray scale". Children should cut them out and arrange in order 1-14. They can also do a backwards valentine countdown calendar to learn counting backwards. Holiday themed activities for kids are always a hit!
Here are more Valentine Day countdown calendars and activities for kids. Pinterest has several free printable valentine countdown calendars, too. This website also has an assortment of Valentines Day calendars to print free. Kids might do one of the free printable valentine crafts activities for kids or make recipes from Disney Family each day till Valentines Day to countdown to the holiday.

Valentines Day countdown calendars and crafts activities for kids are great for practicing math, fine motor and scissor skills. Calendars are ideal for use with younger preschool, kindergarten and special needs students. They're simple and user-friendly making calendars ideal for children who are easily frustrated. Countdown calendars are also great for teaching math skills like counting, sequencing, patterns and calendar skills.

Free printable Advent calendars, Advent wreaths, Christmas crafts

Advent is the Catholic Christian season leading up to Christmas. For four weeks, prior to Christmas, Catholics practice Advent values prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Each week focuses on hope, expectation and joy. Here are free printable advent calendars for kids to make, to guide Christmas devotions. Free printable Catholic Christian Advent calendars, Advent wreaths, Christmas crafts

Free printable pumpkin carving patterns, templates, stencils for Halloween pumpkins

Do you ever wonder how people carve Halloween pumpkins in such intricate designs? You can too, with a few basic tools, this tutorial and free printable pumpkin carving stencils.  Free printable pumpkin carving patterns from Pumpkin Pile--hundreds of designs: animals, vehicles, classic jack-o-lantern, logos, sports, celebrities, cartoons, superheroes, designs, spooky and more. More free printable pumpkin carving stencils from Family Fresh Meals (click listed links to get printables). 

Sesame Street boots Bob McGrath, Luis, Gordon--how about printable coloring pages of Sesame Street to honor them?

Three of its most popular Sesame Street neighbors--"Bob" (Bob McGrath), "Luis" (Emilio Delgado) and "Gordon" (Roscoe Orman)--were dumped by HBO recently. Bob McGrath had been with the show for 45 years almost since in began in 1969. Delgado and Orman started in 1979 and 1974 respectively. You can read more about that here. Sesame Street trashcans Bob McGrath, Luis, Gordon, it's a sad day in the HBO neighborhood. In memory of those good old days on the show, here are free printable Sesame Street coloring pages.

Print Abby Cadabby, Baby Bear, Bert, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Count von Count, Elmo, Ernie, Grover, Oscar the Grouch and Prairie Dawn and more from PBSKids. Get free printable Sesame Street coloring sheets of Muppet characters with letters and numbers up to 20. Use these free printable Sesame Street coloring pages to create your own educational preschool coloring book.

Coloring Book has 90 free Sesame Street coloring page printables with Elmo, Telly, Grover, Bert and
Ernie, Big Bird, Grover, Abby Cadabby, Rosita, Happy Monsters and more. Many show Sesame Street Muppets playing games and sports. These coloring pages might be useful for a preschool unit on games or sports.

Parenting has close to 200 free printable Sesame Street coloring pages, games, mazes, puzzles,
crafts, lessons and activities. There are 23 different printable preschool Sesame Street themes, each
with 5-8 free printable activities. Themes like: winter, spring, summer, fall, Halloween, Holidays,
Valentine's Day, numbers and letters. All the great educational fun you've come to expect from
Sesame Street, in free printables.

Free printable origami, kirigami paper crafts, popup cards, patterns, stencils

Summer is here-time to explore cool crafts! Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding and kirigami is cut paper crafts that create 3D stand up or popup cards and art. Here are free printable origami and kirigami patterns and template for you to cut, fold and create.

Pinterest has links for loads of free printable kirigami cut paper crafts and origami with patterns and folding lines printed on the paper. There are is a free printable origami frog, fish, turtle, pond scene and origami boat. Oh My! Handmade has free printable kirigami snowflakes. Crafts Crazy has more free printable kirigami patterns. This link takes you to more free printable kirigami patterns.   Free printable origami, kirigami paper crafts, popup cards, patterns, stencils |

Free printable Disney princesses coloring pages, crafts for your little princess |

Disney princesses have been loved by little girls for generations and probably always will be. The first of the Disney princesses was Snow White, Snow White was the first full-length Disney feature film cartoon aired in 1937. Soon to follow was a long line or Disney princesses and characters. Every little girl has her favorite princess. Disney princess Sleeping Beauty, Aurora aka Briar Rose was classic high medieval. Then there was the Oriental mystique of Jasmine in Aladdin. No one can forget the French Imperial Disney princess Cinderella or the gothic drama in Snow White.So here are free printable Disney princesses coloring pages and princess crafts. And now there's a beautiful new Princess and the Frog Tiana, from down in American's jazz heart of New Orleans!   Free printable Disney princesses coloring pages, crafts for your little princess |

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