Free Printable Disney DIY Greeting Cards and Invitations

Got kids that love Disney characters? Who doesn't love Disney? What's your favorite character? It's a toss-up, but my favorite movie has been "Sleeping Beauty" since about 1970. And now with all the Disney-themed merchandise, kids can literally live it 24-7. Disney themed parties are pretty pricey at major party outlets like Great Party. Several years ago, I priced out a High School Musical Party for eight children. The total bill would have come to a staggering $150, just for decorations, invitations and a few prizes. Would you like to design a complete free printable Disney themed right from your computer? This guide will walk you through a complete Disney themed DIY party! Many activities are also coloring pages--kids can help color their own party decorations and cards. For free Disney greeting cards click here

Best Printable Calendar, Personal Planner, Organizer Apps on the Internet

Okay, I admit it--I am an organizer-ophile. I find it therapeutic to wander the planner aisle in Barnes & Noble. When I get a new cellphone, the first thing I play with is the calendar function. But I am also a tightwad--I will not pay for organizers apps or software. And I don't have to, nor do you, when there are so free utilities available online. Here are the best organizer apps on the net. Print these free calendars to help kids get organized.  read more

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