Free Mother's Day Crafts for Kids to Print

 Mother's Day is just around the corner and children are thinking about what to give mom. Kids, do you find yourself short of cash this Mother's Day? No worries; if you have a computer with a printer, you've got it made. Here are a bunch of free printable Mother's Day crafts and cards. I'll link you to websites with free printable greeting cards that you can color, 3-D crafts, paper crafts, games, decorations and goodies. Some are cut and paste and may require some help and simple supplies, scissors, glue. Others only need to be folded and colored. Free Mother's Day Printables, Crafts

Free Poetry Writing Prompts, Poem Games, Activities

April is National Poetry Month. For online writers, it's NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writer Month). And what better month to celebrate than April with spring awakening, nature busting out all over and Earth Day nestled in? Want to join the poem-penning but don't know where to begin? Here are poem writing prompts, story starters and word games to call forth your inner bard! Perfect for homeschooler parents, English and creative writing teachers.   Free Poetry Writing Prompts, Poem Games, Activities

Free Spring Coloring Pages and Lesson Plans

March 20-23 marks the first day of spring in many countries. For those of us locked in ice and snow and cold, this date can't come too early. Many of us in the US have had a long, cold snowy winter; we are pretty happy to hear those cheery little birds singing and see tiny crocuses bravely trying to poke their lavender heads up from beneath the ice and snow. How about some free spring coloring pages to occupy those children who are getting tired of winter and students who have had enough of a school year with still many weeks to go? Fill your classrooms and homes with the colors of spring.  Free Spring Coloring Pages and Lesson Plans

Free Printable Holi Festival of Colors Crafts, Worksheets

Holi is the Indian Festival of Colors. It's celebrated on the full moon, called Phalgun Purnima or Pooranmash. It comes in the Hindu calendar month of Phalgun. Holi falls in late March to early April in the western calendar. Indians celebrate by tossing colored powder or spraying each other with colored liquid. Here are free printable Holi crafts, greeting cards and worksheets to help kids understand Holi. Teachers, use these for social studies. Homeschool parents, why not explore Holi with kids? Free Printable Holi Festival of Colors Crafts, Worksheets

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