Free Printable Purim Activities to Celebrate Hebrew Queen Esther, Jewish Purim

Mazel Tov! February 24-25, 2013 celebrates Jewish Purim. That's 14-15 Adar in the Hebrew calendar. On Purim, Hebrews celebrate Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai's courage defending their people from decimation in Persia by King Ahasuerus (acting under his advisor Haman). This story comes from the Book of Esther in the Bible and the Megillah in the Jewish Torah. Here are resources for Jews and gentiles to explore Purim and embrace the holiday more deeply. Kids will love making paper graggers! Mazel Tov! Activities to Celebrate Queen Esther and Purim 

Free Printable Purim Crafts, Activities

The Hebrew celebration of Purim begins at sundown on February 24, 2023. Each year Jewish observances fall on different days, because our Hebrew brother and sisters do not follow our western Gregorian calendar. Purim celebrates the bravery and wisdom of a simple Jewish girl, Esther who became queen to Ahasuerus, King of Persia. King Ahasuerus's first wife Queen Vashti was very beautiful. One night the King demanded that Vashti parade naked in front of all his guests. She refused and was excecuted.  Free Printable Jewish Purim Activities

Free Printable Winter Sports Coloring Pages and Activities

The Winter Olympics aren't the only winter sports. But Olympic-themed activities make excellent lesson plans. Explore the Olympics with these free printable lesson plans. (click here) The official website of the Olympics is the perfect place to find educational and classroom resources for lesson plans and units on the Olympics. has complete information on Olympic events and sports, history, medal winners, an Olympic virtual museum and so much more.  Free Printable Winter Olympics Sports Coloring Activities

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