Printable Math Crafts, Homemade Game, Manipulatives from Recycled Containers

Looking for easy how-to instructions to make math games and manipulatives? Here are tutorials using recycled plastic cylinder-shaped containers. Some have a very nice dispenser type lid are are good for storing game pieces too. These containers are made to hold baby wipes and cleaning wipes. The unlidded kind hold frozen concentrated juice. This Earth Day, make these crafts to use for teaching math in interactive hands-on ways. Make Math Materials from Recycled Plastic Containers

Free Printable Easter Bunny Crafts to Make and Color

Easter is right around the corner. Easter baskets, candy, egg decorating, egg hunts,  bunnies, baby animals, spring--fun for young and young at heart. Here are free printable Easter bunny crafts for kids to make and color . I've included printable activities based on my two favorite bunnies, Peter Rabbit and the Velveteen Rabbit, too. Parents and teachers, you'll want these for preschool classroom fun.  Free Printable Easter Bunny Crafts for Preschool 

Free Printable Easter Crafts, Activities for Children

Whether you celebrate Easter as a religious holiday or just enjoy the eggs, bunnies and candy, it's a special time of year. Coming as it does in spring, Easter is a celebration of new life and nature. For kids, it's a great time to explore science concepts of plant life, insects and baby animals. Here are free printable Easter crafts, coloring pages and activities for classroom, homeschool or just family fun. Click here  Free Printable Easter Crafts

Free Disney Printables from Family Fun New Site Spoonful

Disney used to go through Family Fun for many of its printable crafts. Now that site has migrated to Spoonful. You can find printable crafts for all Disney and Pixar, including "Frozen."

To find the free printable crafts on Spoonful, go to the middle "Create-Art, Crafts & Inspiration" tab and look for "printables." Activities are cross-referenced by kind: paper crafts (greeting cards, cut and paste, 3D, templates and patterns, origami, paper dolls), games and puzzles, coloring pages, planners and calendars, Disney crafts, holiday, kids bedroom and party decorations, keepsakes and scrapbooking plus more.  Free Disney Printables from Family Fun New Site Spoonful 

Free St Patricks Day Lesson Plans and Printable Activities

Top 'o the mornin' and all that Irish blarney to ye! Soon it will be St Paddy's day on March 17. The story of Patrick really has naught to do with green beer and leprechauns. Patricus was a Roman boy taken as a slave to Ireland. He became a bishop and returned to the Emerald Isle as a missionary.  Free St Patricks Day Lesson Plans and Printables

Free Printable Masks for Children to Color and Make

Children love to play dress up and wear masks. They love to make crafts. I found the best of both worlds--free printable masks for kids to color, cut out and wear. Animals, creatures, monsters, Asian, Tiki, Native American and other world masks. Harlequin designs, too.Print Mardi Gras Masks for Children to Color, Free (Adults, too!)

Free Kids Crafts Printables For St Patricks Day, Easter

I maintain several highly-performing niche blog, the most popular ones involving printable crafts for children. Internet searchers are always seeking freebies and crafts. I find printables all over the web. One of my favorite sites is from Martha Stewart. She's got everything for holidays, parties, event planning. Kids will like the Easter and St Patricks Day crafts. Click here.  Free Crafts and Printables from Martha Stewart

Free (Like No Cost) Valentines to Print, Perfect for Snowbound Kids

 With Valentine's Day right around the corner, how's about printing free valentines? Great for kids bored and stuck at home under mountains of snow! Here are a few links with lots of freebie valentines to print, cut and color and share! Free (Yes Free!) Valentines to Print, Perfect for Snowbound Kids 

Free Fairy Tales Printables, Lessons, Coloring Pages, Mini Books

 I confess to childlike love of tchotchkis (and I love that word). I like Google doodles. Each day, they base the doodle on some event that took place on that day. A person’s birthday, an anniversary, a first, an invention. Sometimes, they’re interactive (you push buttons and make them do things, ergo, play). This article featured the Brothers Grimm anniversary. Here are printable lesson plans, coloring, games about fairy tales. Cute Interactive Google Doodle For Grimms Fairy Tale Anniversary 

Free Disney Frozen Printables

I've written articles on free printable kids crafts since 2007, often linking to the Family Fun website (from Family Fun magazine. Family Fun partners with Disney and provides lots of Disney-themed crafts. Family Fun now has a new website Spoonful. Besides regular Family Fun goodies, Disney crafts can be found there too. There are printable activities for Disney "Frozen" movie, too.  Free Disney Printables from Family Fun New Site Spoonful

Stained Glass Window Christmas Card Crafts with Free Printable Holiday Stencils

I'm always looking for good Christmas and holiday crafts that work with senior citizens, preschoolers and special needs students. Here's a no-fail stenciled holiday card making craft with free printable stencils included that's great for all ages. Gobs of patterns and templates for all your favorite Christmas symbols.Easy Stained Glass Window Christmas Card Crafts with Free Printable Holiday Stencils

Stained Glass Window Christmas Card Crafts with Free Printable Holiday Stencils

I'm always looking for good Christmas and holiday crafts that work with senior citizens, preschoolers and special needs students. Here's a no-fail stenciled holiday card making craft with free printable stencils included that's great for all ages. Gobs of patterns and templates for all your favorite Christmas symbols.Easy Stained Glass Window Christmas Card Crafts with Free Printable Holiday Stencils

Free Printable Christmas Manger Scenes, Nativity Sets

 During Advent we prepare our hearts for the Advent (coming) of Jesus. We set out Advent wreaths, calendars and Nativity sets, also called the creche or manger. Here are free printable nativity scenes. In our house, we begin with a stable full of animals on the first Sunday of advent. Each day we move the figures a little closer toward the stable. When the children were young, they loved 'helping' Mary and Joseph and the Magi travel to Bethlehem. We would place an unbreakable nativity set on a shelf at child level and they were free to rearrange the characters as they chose. Free Printable Advent and Christmas Nativity Scenes
Here are the links.

Free Hanukkah Printables

Very soon, the lovely Hegrew celebration of Light, Hanukkah or Chanukah, will begin. Whether Jewish, Christian, Muslim or whatever your creed, Hanukkah is a lovely holiday to explore and enjoy. Here are some free lesson plans, coloring pages, puzzles, games and activities to help celebrate and understand this winter holiday.
I'm new to the Bitsela but I really like the free clip art, graphics and even free card making function you can use free on your computer. You can print entire Hebrew alphabet, numbers and other uniquely Jewish items for your class. This website is maintained by Hebrew people and has a nice layout. It's nice to see activities specifically for inter-faith families on this site as well.  Free Hanukkah / Chanukah Printables

Free Printable Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar

 Thanksgiving in the US will soon be upon us. If your kids are anything like mine, they get geeked about holidays. As a homeschool family, we spent lots of time making holiday gifts, treats and crafts. Here's a free printable countdown calendar to occupy them till Thanksgiving. Free Printable Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar for Kids

Free Rangoli Printables for Kids

Shubh Diwali, my Hindu, Sikh and Jain friends, a little belated. Diwali or Deepavali was celebrated Sunday, November 3,2013. It's the five-day festival of lights, ending with Bhai Dooj on November 5. I have a Sikh friend who has explained some to me. Here are printable rangoli crafts for Diwali and afterwords. Free Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Rangoli Printables for Kids

Free Doctor Who Masks for Halloween Costumes--Creepy! - News - Bubblews

Hey Doctor Who lovers, have I got a treat for you. Searching out Doctor Who coloring pages for my daughter (who got addicted at seven!) I found free printable Doctor Who villain masks. Perfect for Halloween! Print Silurian, Ood, Ganger, The Silence, Peg doll and the Weeping Angels (probably the creepiest episode ever made). Links to free printable Doctor Who crafts, games, coloring pages and TARDIS models, too.  Free Doctor Who Masks for Halloween Costumes

Free Printable Paper Halloween Masks, Decorations, Crafts, Toys

They're baack! Halloween ghouls, ghosts, zombies and witches will soon be roaming our streets in search of candy! It's that time of year again. Time to scare and be scared. This Halloween, here are free printable paper crafts, toys, masks, costumes and trick or treat fun. There are decorations for a haunted house or Halloween party. More excitement than decent folk really need! Free Printable Halloween Paper Toys, Masks, Party Decorations and Craft Activities

Apple Activities to Print, Games, Crafts, Coloring, Recipes

 Apples are the perfect theme for fall lessons. Here's an interactive, cross-curricular apple unit with crafts, recipes, science, art, creative writing, math, social studies, practical life, field trips and community-builders. I've added free printable apple-themed lesson plans and worksheets for activity extenders.Preschool Apple Unit, Cross-Curricular Hands-on Crafts, Activities, Recipes

Anti-Bullying, Affective Object Lessons for Kids

Bullying is a social blight that can cause deep, never-healing emotional scars. From 25 years teaching and a degree in psychology, I've written lesson plans to raise awareness on bullying. From my Montessori/ special education background, I've learned to make lessons interactive. Here's an anti-bullying object lesson I picked up 26 years ago. It's appropriate for preschool to upper elementary school age childrenAnti-Bullying Object Lessons for Kids: Warm Fuzzies, Cold Pricklies 

Free Printable Labor Day, Union Organizing Lesson Plans

Spring is poignant for labor. March 25, 1911 lost 146 workers in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. April 28 is Workers Memorial Day, honoring fallen in workplace accidents or in organizing struggles. May 1 is May Day, International Worker's Day. May 4 commemorates casualties at Chicago's Haymarket riot in a 1886 labor rally. On May 19, 1920 saw the Matewan massacre of coal miners. On May 26, 1937 union organizers were beaten at Ford's River Rouge plant "Battle of the Overpass."

Labor Day is celebrated in September in the US, but May Day is the true world Labor Day. Labor history is American (and world) history: it impacts every industry, occupation and person. Teachers and homeschoolers, why not educate students about unions with these free printable labor history lesson plans? I've listed websites, activities, worksheets, movies and books.  Free Printable May Day, Labor History, Union Organizing Lesson Plans

Free Printable Nick Jr. Cut-and-Paste Activities

Nick Jr. is the Nickelodeon Channel's children's TV shows and cartoons. Many children's favorites like Olivia the Pig and Holly Hobbie appear on Nick Jr. Nick Jr. publishes a magazine for children and offers a wonderful, kid-friendly website with all your Nick Jr. favorite shows. Each Nick Jr. cartoon show has its own page online and free printable activities. The free printable activities are beautifully colored. The printables also print clearly on 'fast, economical', which is a printer setting that saves you big bucks on printing costs. Free Printable Nick Jr. Cut-and-Paste Activities

Free Printable Science Games, Activities and Puzzles

Chemistry, physics and biology--in the hands-on (mess-making, get-dirty) sense, kids love these sciences.  As  high school classes, they're intimidating. These disciplines use big words, present complicated information and worst of all, are boring. So if you teach science, biology, life science, earth science, physics or chemistry you want interactive science lessons and expiriments. You need these free printable activities to help students learn and understand science in a fun, hands-on way. These sites offer you free printable science games, activities, vocabulary cards and puzzles.  Free Printable Science Games, Activities and Puzzles

Free Printable Father's Day Coloring Cards

Father's Day can get costly if you buy gifts and cards for dads, grandpas, step-dads, etc. I had two dads, one father-in-law, two grandpas and one husband to buy for. Why not save yourself big money on cards by printing Father's Day cards? Children can color these free printable cards and personalize them for daddy, grampa, uncle, teacher, minister, priest, rabbi, any special man in their life. Free printable coloring page Father's Day cards do double duty as a craft for kids and a greeting card. Free Printable Father's Day Cards to Color

Free Printable Patriotic Crafts, Memorial Day Activities

I've published several articles featuring free printable activities for different holidays, including the patriotic holidays--Memorial Day (also called Decoration Day and Remembrance Day), 4th of July, Labor Day and Veteran's Day. Since publishing these articles, I've found more free printable patriotic crafts, activities and projects. These worksheets and art projects might easily be used as lesson plans for school or homeschool. A hands-on activity livens up any lesson in school. Use these crafts and activities for American history, Government, Civics, Social Studies, Geography and other similar classes. I've included lessons for many different age groups. You don't need to be a teacher to print the activities. There is no code or user ID required. I do recommend as I have before that you subscribe to the email list if the website has one available. You will be kept up-to-date on new free printable materials as they become available. Read more Free Printable Patriotic Projects and Activities

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