Free Printable File Folder Games for Lesson Plans

 File folder games are popular educational activities. I've found a plethora of free printable file folders games online. Subjects include all school content areas:  math, reading, writing, spelling, ELA, phonics, social studies, science. Print games for all ages and ability levels: preschool, kindergarten, elementary, special needs, middle school. Use for homeschool and Montessori, too. Free Printable File Folder Games

Free Printable Human Body Coloring Pages Anatomy Diagrams to Color and Label

Here are free printable human body coloring pages and anatomy diagrams to label and color.
Printable diagrams include respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, skeletal system, muscular system, nervous system, endocrine system and reproductive system. These are the eight major systems of the body.

Edupics (click here)  100+ pages of free printable human body coloring pages, diagrams and charts for all parts of the body. Free printable diagrams of the eye, ear, teeth, brain, nose and mouth.

HSLaunch (click here) has a free printable booklet with a small nicely detailed diagram of the different systems of the human body.

National Institute of Health has a page of free health and human body printables.

Crayola (click here) offers a free printable coloring and labeling human body activity booklet. Pages include an eye, skeletal systems, body chart, heart and cell diagrams. The image shown in this post comes from Crayola.

Activity Village (click here) has five free printable color and label human body charts.

TSL Books (click here) I'm linking to the homepage of this website-- organized by grade levels--scroll through to find grade level activities you need.

Enchanted Learning (click here) has free printable lesson plans, charts, label diagrams, maps and educational resources. All are print free, but to print without ads and banners you must pay a $20 yearly site fee. As a homeschooler, I used Enchanted Learning and it paid for itself. each year. This link takes you to the Enchanted Learning free printable human body and anatomy book Each page features a body system to label and color. Labels are listed and defined. Use for a study guide or homework activity.

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Free Printable 4th of July Holiday Craft Activities

Hey Kids! Want free printable 4th of July coloring pages? Hey Parents! Want educational free printable Fourth of July crafts? I've got both right here. Read on to links for flag coloring pages, red white and blue themed crafts, American history activities and gobs more goodies. Free Printable 4th of July Cut and Paste Paper Crafts and Activities

Free Printable Math and Geometry Activities from Sir Cumference Books

 Cindy Neuschwander writes math books for children. Wayne Geehan illustrates these charming, educational stories about Sir Cumference, Lady Di of Ameter and Radius their son who together solve math and geometry puzzles and medieval mysteries. Children learn geometry, measurement, counting, algebra, Pi, formulas and mathematical concepts in clever stories told like medieval fairy tales. Here are free printable geometry lessons from the Sir Cumference stories. Math and Geometry Lessons from 'Sir Cumference' Books by Cindy Neuschwander

Free Printable Magic Tricks and Magician Themed Birthday Party Printables

Do you have an aspiring magician in the house? Perhaps a child who loves playing tricks? Well why not set your jokester to playing good tricks on people--magic tricks, that is. Hocus-pocus up some free printable magic tricks. Say abracadabra, wave your magic wand and presto! Sleight- of-hand how-to demonstrations for your budding illusionist. I've included magic-themed birthday party printables, recipes, crafts to conjure up a wickedly fun celebration! Free Printable Magic Tricks, Magician Themed Birthday Party Printables

Free Printable Father's Day Greeting Cards, Craft Activities

When Father's Day rolls around, it can be hard to know what to get dad. Heck, dad birthdays are hard enough! In my day, the joke was: pipe or tie--what'll it be this year. Kids may find themselves cash-strapped, too. Why not save money with these free printable Father's Day crafts and greeting cards. Print at home. Kids can color and personalize. Dad will love your creativity and thoughtfulness (and frugality!). Don't forget grampas and step-dads! Free Printable Father's Day Greeting Cards and Craft Activities 

Free Memorial Day Crafts, Games and Printables

Memorial Day weekend kicks off Friday and runs through Monday, May 26, 2014. It's also called Remembrance Day, to honor veterans, and Decoration Day, when we remember deceased loved ones by putting flowers on graves. Do you want free printable Memorial Day coloring pages for kids? Maybe take them on vacation to keep kids quiet. Or use as party crafts? Here are patriotic crafts, flag coloring pages, games, puzzles, worksheets, too.   Free Printable Memorial Day Worksheets, Crafts, Games

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